State-of-the-art technology that fits your tools and your organization

Choose the level of integration that suits you

We provide you with cutting-edge technology that can be adapted according to the level of integration you require and the context in which the service will be offered

His personalized approach allows us to adapt our offer to your expectations and to propose a customer journey tailored to your business and organization

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A turn-key solution to easily integrate our entire customer journey on your website, in just a few minutes

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Thanks to our APIs, you can automate the transfer of data and use our services directly in your tools in a simple and instantaneous way 

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Our technology meets the highest level of security and data protection requirements

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An extranet allows you to manage our technology and monitor your performance in real-time

Our technology can be integrated into your environment within minutes

Our R-Gate technology

"R-Gate", for straightforward and quick integration of our service offer on your website:

A simple javascript code takes the form of a button that you place wherever you want on your site. When your customer clicks on the button, a section opens on their screen allowing them to register and apply for funding

If you prefer, a website dedicated to the service can be created.

Our "R-Gate" technology allows you to easily define the contexts in which the service will be used and how it will be displayed on your website. Thus, you can present the service only to eligible customers or define the size and positioning of the windows.

To respect your brand and your identity, our R-Gate technology has been designed in grey or white label to adapt to your graphic charter

Our APIs

RollingFunds provides you with different APIs for a simplified and highly secured data sharing

The APIs allow you to communicate in real-time the information necessary for the smooth running of the services

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Data security and protection

Through our activities, we collect and process confidential and personal information. We, therefore do not tolerate any concessions in the reliability of our security technology. That is why we regularly carry out security audits, the results of which reflect our excellence in this area.

Concerned about the protection and processing of personal data, our technology has been natively designed in compliance with the RGPD provisions and the recommendations of the CNIL