Build customer loyalty by giving them access to credit

RollingFunds offers credit to VSEs/SMEs as part of your business relationship

How does it work?


No credit report, no registration fee


An immediate financing offer for a credit in 1 click


Early repayment, and possible adjustment of the repayment schedule of current loans

For whom, for what?

For example:

You are a franchisor and your business has recurring financing needs. 

You wish to provide a financing solution to your franchisees.

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We implement a financing program adapted to the specificities of your franchisee network

analyse financiere sur un desktop

Your franchisees can take out a loan in a few clicks directly from your website

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By facilitating access to finance for your franchisees, you give them the means to develop their business

How about you? In which context would you like to join our R-Credit service?

Simulate a credit offer

Define the amount and term to generate an offer 

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Request a demo

Are you interested in R-Credit? Would you like to know more about our service or schedule a demo with us?