Enable your business relationships to unlock all tied up cash

RollingFunds prepays cash collections and finances security deposits

How does it work?


100% digital application process


Payment in D+1


Day-to-day management of flows 

For whom, for what?

For example:

You are a marketplace and you return the cash collected on sales to vendors after several days of delay. This delay generates a cash flow need for your sellers that slows down their growth.

With the R-Collect service, you bring them the best solution for their needs.

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The seller subscribes to the R-Collect service directly from his "seller" account opened in your marketplace environment

bureau avec shéma de financement

With R-Collect, the seller collects the proceeds of his sales on D+1 and therefore has no more tied up cash

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The seller can buy more stock and increase his sales on your marketplace

What about you? In which context would you like to integrate our R-Collect service?

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