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Financing for VSEs/SMEs and digital tools to speed up your growth

Our financing services

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Quick and straightforward access to credit

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Immediate cash collection

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Payment facilities 

A tailor-made financing solution for your customers

RollingFunds adapts the characteristics of the financing according to your expectations and the target audience

Flexible and modular, the settings can be changed at any time

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Account setup in a few clicks

Your client simply needs to sign in and authorise the sharing of their data to create their account

credit offer

As soon as the account is created, your client discovers his borrowing capacity and the financing offer


If the offer is accepted, a simple electronic signature generates the transfer instantly

Our technological tools to manage your business relationships


Accelerate your digital transformation with R-Xperience


Manage your business through a 360° analysis of your customers portfolio with R-Insights


Optimise your cash flow and gain operational efficiency with R-Minder

Our technology takes the burden of managing your customer invoices off your shoulders: 

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