Questions - Answers
For any other questions please contact us

Simply contact us to discuss your needs and expectations. At the end of this first exchange, we will propose to you an appropriate solution and a quick implementation schedule.

The documents to provide us will be communicated to you after having defined together the type of collaboration that we can set up

The time needed to set up a commercial collaboration depends mainly on your availability and your objectives. Our R-Gate technology allows us to integrate our service offerings in a matter of minutes. In practice, we estimate that one to two months between the first contact and the actual implementation of the service is a reasonable timeframe.

Yes, a website dedicated to your company can be created.

RollingFunds provides you with a partner extranet allowing you to follow the evolution and performance of our collaboration in real-time. You also have a preferred contact

Les crédits sont financés par le FFS R-FUNDS, un fonds d’investissement alternatif (FIA), géré et représenté par SIENNA AM FRANCE, société de gestion agréée par l’Autorité des marchés financiers en qualité de société de gestion de portefeuilles sous le numéro GP97118.

La décision d’octroi des crédits est une prérogative discrétionnaire de la société de gestion.

Registration of the company

Only the company's legal representative can validate the registration. Eligibility criteria are defined with you to allow the greatest number of companies to register

The granting of funding

Once the registration has been finalised, the company can apply for funding at any time with one click from a computer or smartphone. A dashboard allows the company to consult the financing in progress

The cost of financing 

The pricing policy is defined when the partnership is set up according to its characteristics and the target clientele. Before a new loan is granted, a financing offer is submitted to the company for validation. The company is free to accept or refuse the offer.

Financing management  

Different options can be offered to the company depending on the characteristics of the financing taken out, such as early repayment or postponement of maturity. RollingFunds provides companies with an intuitive dashboard to manage the different services.