Our beliefs

Inventing a new form of finance to serve your VSEs/SMEs clients for sustainable growth

The economy is driven by VSEs/SMEs

We believe that VSEs/SMEs are the lifeblood of the French economy. They represent 95% of all businesses and create jobs throughout the country. However, access to financing remains difficult for them

At RollingFunds, we are proud to offer innovative financing solutions to VSEs/SMEs and thus contribute to the development of their business.

You too can support VSEs/SMEs by facilitating their access to financing solutions

By combining your knowledge with our technology, we can free up your customers' or suppliers' cash flow and contribute to their development

A new finance at the service of VSEs/SMEs

We are convinced that VSEs/SMEs are the prime movers of a local economy and that their difficulties in accessing finance are a brake on their growth and stability.

The RollingFunds team is made up of men and women determined to build a new form of finance for VSEs/SMEs

You share these convictions? Let's talk about it together!